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Build Your Own Buffet Choices from Mountain and Plains Catering

Build-Your-Own Buffets

Be the master of your own potato with Mountain and Plains Catering's Potato BarBaked Potato Bar

Slow oven baked potato, hot and fluffy on the inside, with a “be the master of your own potato” topping bar that includes; chili, sour cream, bacon bits, cheese, chives and butter.

Baked Potato Bar $9.50 per person

Fresh ingredients make the most delicious meals - Mountain and Plains Catering Salad BarSalad Bar

Fresh produce and topping to create a personal salad masterpiece including; Ice burg lettuce, spinach, cheese, bacon bits, croutons, sun flower seeds, onions, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, boiled eggs, turkey, ham, ranch, Italian, and vinaigrette.

Salad Bar $10.50 per person

Light and Fun - add a Taco Bar to your next occasion!Taco Bar

Viva Delicioso! What is more fun than a Do-It-yourself Taco Bar? Let your guests be the chef to create their own vision of the perfect taco. The Taco Bar includes; Ground beef, chicken, cheese,  sour cream, guacamole, salsa, Pico de Gallo, crunchy shells, flour tortillas, rice and beans.

Taco Bar $11.00 per person

Add sizzle to your event - Mountain and Plains Catering's Fajita BarFajitas Bar

Want that get together to sizzle? Why not add the fun of a Build-Your Own Fajita Bar? Fresh ingredients include: Beef, chicken, sauteed onions and peppers, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, flour tortillas, rice and beans.

Fajitas Bar $12.00 per person

Light and easy, the Mountain and Plains Catering Sandwich Bar is the perfect solutions for that afternoon breakSandwich Bar

Perfect for the office meeting or seminar, tasty and easy to handle sandwiches made exactly as your guests like it. The Sandwich Bar includes; turkey, ham, roast beef, assorted cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, purple onions, pickles, mayo, and mustard, assorted rolls with assorted chips and assorted cookies.

Sandwich Bar $13.00 per person

If you need something specialized or a customized menu, please Click here or call 720-934-7353 for your custom quote today!

(Taxes are included in the price per person. 50 person minimum.)